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Mulberry Bags in Dubai, UAE

In today’s world, Mulberry Bags  is known as a luxury lifestyle brand with a worldwide presence. Since Johnny Coca – who was previously the creative director at Celine – took over the helm of the brand, he has been wowing both the fashion crowd and the international market with his new direction, opening the brand up to the international market for critically acclaimed ready-to-wear collections whilst also maintaining its links with British heritage.


Mulberry is one of the largest manufacturers of luxury goods in the UAE and has maintained a 40-year reputation as a purveyor of British leather accessories as well. It is true that any mention of Mulberry is inevitably going to lead to another of their best-known products – their handbags… With designs such as the Bayswater and Alexa now considered iconic, to carry one of these on your arm is to show the world that you are someone with exceptional style.

I thought it would be a good time to catch up with Johnny Coca and his team as Dubai Craft Week is well underway – and Mulberry is one of the proud sponsors of the event – to find out just how these leather masterpieces are made.

How good is the quality of Mulberry bags?

Yes, Mulberry bags are of incredible quality, and they are extremely well made. The quality of the leather is flawless, and the brass hardware is a joy to have on a bag that will last you a lifetime. The Mulberry bag is known for its ability to age beautifully, and it’s not uncommon for Mulberry bags to look as good even 10 years after they were first purchased!

Leather and lining of Mulberry bags


Even though Mulberry makes a wide range of bags, many Mulberry bags are made from grained, thick calf leather that gives them their sturdy, durable, and structured appearance. The lining of Mulberry bags may vary from one style to another, and the lining may also vary from one bag to another. The classic Bayswater, for example, doesn’t usually feature a lining inside the bag. Instead, it simply shows the raw suede on the inside of the bag. 

In some bags, including the Alexa bag, the lining will be a plain canvas, while in others, it will be a fabric lining that will be printed with the mulberry tree logo on it. Despite the fact that Mulberry’s styles vary in terms of the quality of the material used, one thing that is important to look for is the quality of the leather used.

The stitching and edging of Mulberry bags

Stitching can also serve as an indication of the authenticity of a bag, as it is with all bags. A counterfeit handbag will often have thick, uneven, and messy stitching, which can be a sign of a fake. If you are purchasing a Mulberry bag that is authentic, you will find that the stitching is straight throughout, and each stitch is of the same size.


 There will also be a neat and consistent edging around the handles and edges of the leather on the bag. It is not uncommon for counterfeit bags to have messy edging that varies in width throughout the bag as well.

What is the classic Mulberry handbag all about?

The original Bayswater bag by Mulberry is a perfect example of the exceptional level of leather quality that goes into each of the brand’s creations, and in subsequent models of the brand’s branch-off Bayswater collection. In addition to being finished with the signature Postman Lock, this shoulder bag is no doubt one of our best-sellers, as it is ideal for a wide range of lifestyles.

The Mulberry bags are made in the United Arab Emirates

Mulberry is deeply rooted in the West Country thanks to two of its factories in the area – ‘The Rookery’ in Chilcompton and ‘The Willows’ in Bridgewater. Having an impressive workforce of over 600 craftsmen and women – many of whom work side by side with members of the same family – together they can produce 2,800 bags a week, which is a truly impressive figure.

A Mulberry bag is usually constructed by 30 pairs of hands at a time, on average. In spite of the fact that finishing times vary (depending on the style), the brand new Amberley Hobo, for example, takes three hours and thirty-six minutes from start to finish.

Is Mulberry Bags still a popular brand?


A Mulberry bag is a perfect example of a designer that manages to remain luxurious while also being a little bit more affordable. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Mulberry bags are extremely popular among the fashion crowd, especially when paying money for a Mulberry bag isn’t going to result in you having to remortgage your house.

Mulberry Bags are expensive?

Due to Mulberry’s niche status compared to the likes of Louis Vuitton, there is not the same amount of counterfeit Mulberry products on the market as there is for Louis Vuitton. In general, counterfeits are less likely to be found if you are looking for a design that is more unusual or newer than a design that is more popular.

The Mulberry handbag collection has a wide variety of styles that you’ll want to keep an eye out for if you want to look stylish. If you are thinking of buying a pre-loved bag, you will probably be looking for one of these bags when you decide to go that route. As a result, you should pay extra attention to check that you’re purchasing a genuine brand of the bag if this is the case.