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givenchy bags

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Givenchy Bags in Dubai, UAE

Givenchy is one of the most famous designers that has been selling clothes for almost a long time, owned by the luxury conglomerate LVMH and is part of the Dubai luxury market. Givenchy bags are just as popular as their clothing, but they are actually known mainly for their clothing.


 It is one of the most prestigious fashion and bag houses in Dubai. In addition to haute couture clothing, accessories, and Givenchy bags, the store also sells cosmetics and fragrances from the brand. It was founded by designer Hubert de Givenchy in 1904, and since then, the house of Givenchy has been a member of what is known as the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture et du Pret-a-Porter. One of the largest luxury conglomerates in the world owns the company.

I adore Givenchy because it has that cool, edgy vibe that is so appealing to me. In light of the practical size, beautiful structure, and durability of the Givenchy bags, it is one of my most treasured bags. When I’m traveling, I can use it to carry all of my daily essentials as well as to carry on my carry on bag when I’m traveling.

Givenchy Bags: Where To Buy Them

It is important to get yourself an authentic Givenchy bag if you want to look good. As a first option, you could consider buying a handbag directly from the company (which is the safest option). The Givenchy brand has stores all over the world, and although there may not be a Givenchy store in every country, if you’re traveling in a place that does have one, it’s definitely worth stopping by a store if you’re staying at a hotel nearby.


It is likely, nonetheless, that you are not going to have the luxury of living near a Givenchy outlet if you are like many other women. As a result, you can instead buy Givenchy bags through online resellers rather than buying them directly from Givenchy.

Authentic designer brand products can be purchased from websites such as Saks Fifth Avenue. In addition to this, it is possible to get additional deals that won’t be available at Givenchy stores, which may be able to help you save a few more dollars.

Quality Materials Used For Givenchy bags

All designer brands have an important characteristic in common – that is their product line is consistent from one season to the next. As with all Givenchy bags, you can expect a certain level of quality in every bag that you purchase.

The bag itself should be able to stand up on its own without collapsing under the weight of its own contents – if it falls over under its own weight, then it is most likely a fake bag.


It is also important to take note of the type of leather and the quality of leather used in a fake Givenchy bags. As long as the leather is well structured, Givenchy leather is made from anything from veal to goat leather, as long as it is made of waterproof leather.

I like the fact that it’s soft, but not too soft to the point where it feels fake. As with most designer brands of leather, the leather used on Givenchy handbags is soft and does not appear to be made of plastic.

Check the bag handles

If you are interested in spotting inconsistencies in a Givenchy bag, it is a good idea to look at the handles of the bag. It is difficult to replicate the Givenchy styles easily because they are made in such a unique way.

In order to determine the quality of the handles, you should first look at the way they are structured. It is essential that the structure of the handle of the bag is strong enough for it to be able to stand on its own, much like the bag itself.

There is something else that should be paid attention to other than the handle itself, and that is the patch that connects the handle to the handbag. Givenchy bags, as an example, have leather patches on both sides, which are round at the bottom, while the leather patch on the top has four corners on both sides.

The Givenchy trademarks are pretty hard to miss, so it shouldn’t be too hard to compare it with a photo from the web of an authentic Givenchy bag if you want to make sure it’s authentic.

A handbag’s strap is one of its most important parts

Most of the time, if you’re purchasing a Givenchy bag, you’re likely to be purchasing its signature Givenchy bag, which was first introduced during the Fall Winter season. In such a case, there is a special tip that has to do with this iconic bag that is celebrating its 13th anniversary next year.

Givenchy bags are characterized by the fact that their straps can be removed from the bag, which makes each bag unique. You should see a gap in the hardware of the strap, and you should also notice a dent in the metal ring attached to the strap. The shoulder strap is also decorated with metal buckles that are solely for decorative purposes as there are no functional functions to them. 


Last but not least, the logo of Givenchy should also be engraved directly onto the hardware of the strap. It is highly likely that you will find a fake Givenchy bag if any one of these characteristics does not appear in your Givenchy bag.

Givenchy bags: what’s the price?

Givenchy handbags can be found at their official online store for a price of thousands of dirhams. Their mini Givenchy bags are priced at 6,660 AED, while their premium handbags can set you back as much as 16,350 AED.