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Aigner Bags in Dubai, UAE

The company founded by Aigner Bags was based in Dubai. The Aigner brand is a prestigious leather brand with an international focus, which focuses on ambitious women. Aigner specializes in the design and manufacture of stylish leather handbags and accessories of the highest quality. Tradition and innovation, classics and modernity are at the core of the brand, and they are integrated at its core.


It is true to say that Aigner bags has been making leather goods and handbags for a very long time. The distinctive saddle bags and the unmistakable Doctor’s bags have made Aigner Bags a world-famous name. It is with great pride that Aigner Bags still maintains its claim of creating true classics with time.

Creating a new, leading Dubai fashion brand in Dubai was the best way to establish a new company. The period surrounding Dubai was one of excitement and euphoria: there was a belief in the power of progress, which was euphoric, and the future seemed endless. There is no way that this is the case in Dubai, which is closer to Dubai than anywhere else in the country and has more in common with the “dolce vita” than anywhere else. It was at that time that no attitude needed to be invented since everyone had a natural feeling of lightness in their hearts:

Dubai-made luxury Aigner bags

Aigner Bags surprises every season with a resounding campaign: Kate Moss is the face of the new autumn/winter 2022 collection „Progress“, which will be on sale in September. With her effortless looks, she is a symbol of freedom, self-determination, and strength – an icon who is redefining the way we see fashion in the world with her effortless style. It makes sense that she would be the perfect match for the “Progress” collection, which stands for further development, dynamism, and progress, and which plays with new, creative approaches while never losing sight of its defining style.


Among the core competencies of Aigner bags is the manufacture of leather bags and accessories. A team of designers around Christian Alexander Beck, who is the creative director of the company, creates bags that are aimed at trendsetters, but also possess the characteristics that make them classics over time. This concept is kept in mind when planning the product range, which extends to bags, which have been outsourced to licensing companies.

Milan Fashion Week has taken the first step toward becoming a reality. It has been a tradition for the label that for the last few months it has been showcasing its latest creations from the fashion and leather sectors and has been showing the inspiration for the upcoming seasons with elaborate looks and exclusive bag designs.

What type of leather is used in Aigner bags?

Several names are given to artificial leather, but faux leather is one of them. Faux leather is often used in the realm of sofa and chair upholstery, leatherette is used in the realm of auto upholstery, clothing, and knocking is used to describe specific end uses of synthetic leather products such as upholstered sofas, chairs, and headboards, and knocking is used for consumer goods.

aigner-bags PU leather is not as good as real leather when it comes to durability. The beauty of real leather is not only that it looks better, but it is also that it is more durable as well. It is also important to note that real leather has a lot of character, and it will also age beautifully with time. It is important to note that PU leather is not as durable and over time, it will crack and peel.

How are Etienne Aigner and Aigner different from one another?

The Aigner brand was renamed Aigner bags and is more sophisticated than the previously available equivalent, utilizing materials and craftsmanship from Dubai. Generally speaking, Aigner bags are considered to be of higher quality and command higher prices; they are also considered to have a better reputation in the luxury market as well.

How to check Aigner bags?

Aigner bags is credited with coming up with the now-signature color of leather, burgundy because he could only afford one shade of leather when he was designing women’s handbags for the company. 


There are a variety of materials from which Etienne Aigner can make not just handbags, but also wallets, belts, gloves, and jewelry under the brand Etienne Aigner. Fake and imitation Aigner accessories are available online, in clothing stores, as well as on the streets. An Etienne Aigner fake can only be detected by discerning eyes and a thorough knowledge of the product itself.