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armani bags women's

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Armani Bags Women’s in Dubai, UAE

As a brand owned and operated by Giorgio Armani, the famous fashion designer and founder of the Giorgio Armani fashion design house, Giorgio Armani Bags have earned a prestigious position in the fashion industry through its superior design, relevant themes, and trendy style. Despite being a brand with a luxurious aura, it still retains the feel of a real luxury brand. 


The Armani Bags Women’s brand has not only established itself as one of the most respected and recognized brands in the fashion, luxury, and fashion brands industries, but it is also one of the most highly valued companies in the global fashion industry as well.

Having been established primarily on the personality and identity of Giorgio Armani himself, Giorgio Armani is considered to be the driving force behind the Armani Bags women’s fashion house, just like many other fashion houses. Through the designs created by the brand, the founder’s personality is integrated into the brand’s identity.

As much as this aspect of the fashion industry provides fashion houses with the opportunity to differentiate themselves in a tangible and visually appealing way, it poses a serious threat to fashion houses that seek to differentiate themselves through this aspect. The fact that a brand or fashion house is built on the basis of the personality and identity of the founder also becomes a major challenge, as many of the fashion houses discovered in the recent past when their founder passed away, to keep the brand alive after his or her passing.

A Brand of Women’s Fashion with Armani Bags 

The next logical step for a brand when it is gaining popularity and acceptance from its target market in its core business, it is to chart a new course by venturing into different product lines, different segments, and ever more diverse markets in order to chart a new course. Across all sectors of the economy, this phenomenon seems to be commonplace.


With its iconic popularity amongst the elite of society and those who have a keen interest in fashion, Armani Bags Women’s has chosen to follow similar steps by extending the brand to include more segments of the market that are fashion savvy. There are currently three sub-brands within Armani Bags Women’s brand architecture, each of them catering to a different set of target customers and at varying price points. Today, Armani Bags Women’s brand architecture comprises one corporate brand and three sub-brands.

Armani Bags Women’s signature bags

It is primarily aimed at consumers between the ages of 35 and 50 that are designing classic apparel that is of very high quality, including the signature Armani suits, Oscar gowns, and so on. These garments are of the ultra-premium price range with an essential target audience that is between 35 and 50 years old.

Does Armani Bags Women’s cost a lot?

Generally, Armani Bags Women’s items are more expensive than Armani Bags Men’s items. In spite of this, Armani Bags Women’s Exchange offers more affordable and lower-priced items than the main Armani Bags brand. The sub-branch of Armani that is less expensive is this one.

An Armani Exchange?

It is a sub-branch of  Armani Bags Women’s, which was introduced to the market and has since been expanding ever since. This is a fashion store that caters to fashion lovers who love dressing up in street Bags. There are a variety of Bags under this sub-branch that are more trendier and colorful, and most of the Bags are cotton, with no added polyester. 


There is also a noticeable difference in the prices between this sub-brand and the other sub-brands of Armani. There are, however, other designers whose products are produced under the Armani brand name who may also be included within the sub-brand.

Why Armani Bags are expensive?

As stated previously, the collection is very high-end, and it is intended for very wealthy and prominent individuals, so the products are extremely high-end. The materials used in Emporio Armani are of a High quality than those that are used in more expensive lines because Emporio Armani is substantially cheaper. In everything that Giorgio Armani does, he only uses the finest quality materials, and he takes great pleasure in this.


Armani Bags personality brand

A fashion brand’s personality and the identity it is able to build in the marketplace are two of the most important aspects of the brand. The most challenging aspect of building and maintaining a strong brand is developing and maintaining an identity that is both relevant and resonates with the customer base on a long-term basis.

This is a huge challenge for Armani Bags Women’s, which must build a relevant and resonant personality with its presence in many markets, a very wide portfolio of brands, and interacting with a diverse set of customers.