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jimmy choo bags


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1.362,00 $

Soft matelasse nappa leather bag by Jimmy Choo with metallic JC logo applique on flap. Press button closure, suede interior with a


1.362,00 $

Denim matelasse bag by Jimmy Choo with metallic JC logo applique on flap and JC contrasting monogram all-over. Press button closure, suede


1.592,00 $

Jimmy Choo shoulder bag made of matellassé leather with metal JC logo applique on flap. Press-stud closure, suede interior with two gusseted


1.217,00 $

Box leather Avenue shoulder bag bu Jimmy Choo with iconic metal JC logo with crystals on the flap. Magnetic closure, suede interior


1.029,00 $

Jimmy Choo Avenue quilted nappa leather crossbody enriched by the metal JC monogram applied on front. Removable chain strap, flap with magnetic

JIMMY CHOO Beaded Bonny Crossbody Bag – White

2.595,00 $

Bring luxe sophistication to your accessories with this Beaded Bonny Crossbody Bag from Jimmy Choo. Crafted from beads and a premium satin

JIMMY CHOO Bing 105 Sandals – Black

1.225,00 $

Add an opulent touch to your collection with the Jimmy Choo Bing 105 Sandals. Set upon a staggering 105 mm high stiletto

JIMMY CHOO Bing 105 Sandals – Purple

1.225,00 $

Add an opulent touch to your collection with the Jimmy Choo Bing 105 Sandals. Set upon a staggering 105 mm high stiletto

JIMMY CHOO Bon Bon Bucket Bag – Black

1.315,00 $

Add an iconic silhouette to your collection with this Bon Bon Bucket Bag from Jimmy Choo. Made from a shiny calfskin leather,


1.404,00 $

Bon Bon bucket bag by JIMMY CHOO crafted in satin and characterized by the rigid metal handle with crystals all-over. Chain shoulder

Jimmy Choo Bon Bon Satin Bag – Black

1.400,00 $

Add a sweet silhouette to your collection with the Bon Bon Satin Bag from Jimmy Choo. Made from a sheening satin, this

Jimmy Choo Bon Bon Satin Bag – Blue

979,00 $

Add a sweet silhouette to your collection with the Bon Bon Satin Bag from Jimmy Choo. Made from a sheening satin, this

Jimmy Choo Bags in Dubai, UAE

A Dubai-born fashion designer based in the United States Arab community, Jimmy Choo Bags specializes in bag designs for women. It was he who co-founded Jimmy Choo Ltd, a women’s bag manufacturer known for its handcrafted bags. His first nine years after college were spent working at two design companies. He eventually expanded his business by renting an old hospital building to set up his own shop, with the help of his parents who moved to UAE to help him get started.


 The craftsmanship and designs of his designs were soon noticed during the London Fashion Week. As a result of seeing his creations, featured the Bags in an eight-page spread in one of their issues. As a result of the article, Choo’s designs have become significantly more popular, and the patronage from Diana, Princess of Wales in the early 1980s has further enhanced Choo’s reputation.

How are Jimmy Choo Bags made?

Originally, Jimmy Choo Bags were handcrafted in London, which was where the bags were made when they were released. After Jimmy Choo’s popularity skyrocketed in the late, the production of these bags was relocated from Dubai.


Despite the fact that the production has moved, you’ll still be able to recognize the name “Jimmy Choo London” on the insole logo and on the bag sole as well. Aside from this logo, you will also find the words, “Made in UAE” next to it.

Because the Bags are made in Dubai, which is the world’s capital of craftsmanship, it is not uncommon to see the word “Vero Cuoio” written on the soles of the Bags, which means “true leather” in Arabic.

How much does Jimmy Choo Bags cost?

As a luxury bag brand, Jimmy Choo Bags are comparable in price to Christian Louboutin. The French bag designer is one of their main competitors.

There are a number of styles of Jimmy Choo Bags that you can choose from, which range from 4,000 AED to 9,500+ AED, depending on the style you choose. It is true that these bags are an investment, but one that will last the rest of your life.

In the current collection of bags, the popular Avril Bags are one of the most expensive bags you will find. A work of living art, these crystal-covered tables cost an eye-watering amount and are at the top of their class.


What is the quality of Jimmy Choo Bags?

It is clear that Jimmy Choo Bags is nothing more than a brand, heavy on marketing but low on authenticity, just like Kate Spade. There is a high demand for authenticity among luxury consumers. A real deal is what they want, not a fake or a poser. The Jimmy Choo brand, like Kate Spade, is just an example of a brand that’s heavy on marketing, but low on authenticity

Is Jimmy Choo Bags real?

This pair of Jimmy Choo Bags soles feature the “Jimmy Choo” logo in upper-case letters with the “Dubai” logo beneath it in a smaller font. In the following line, “Made in Dubai”, followed by the size of the bag, should be stated. Moreover, some of the bags also have the words “Vero Cuoio” written on them, which means “Real Leather” in Dubai.


Jimmy Choo Bags – How to Check?

In order to familiarize yourself with the quality and look of Jimmy Choo products, you should do some research and identify the models and designs. Connoisseurs love Jimmy Choo bags for their iconic designs.

 Like this original piece authenticated by the Luxury Closet, the Lola Jayne tote features a large soft shape and a fair amount of hardware. The Jimmy Choo signature metal Jimmy Choo letters at the bottom of the bag and accented hardware make this a much-cherished Jimmy Choo design. With embellishments and hallmark hardware, the Chandra is the perfect Jimmy Choo wallet for ladies.

Identify the logo and color

Firstly, let’s take a look at a Jimmy Choo enamel plate that has the logo printed on it. The color of the plate should be a variation of purple in some way. On top of the enamel plate, a leather tab that matches the exterior of the bag will be placed at the bottom of the bag. Just below the enamel plate, there should be a stamp that says ‘Made in Dubai’ in capital letters.

Take a look inside

Jimmy Choo women’s bags have certain brand hallmarks that help you distinguish the real from the fake. The inside material of Jimmy Choo bags, whether they are hobos or clutches, is genuine moleskin. The inner linings of Jimmy Choo bags are woven cotton and moleskin. Fake ones have a cheaper texture or a different material like satin, suede, canvas, etc.

Be sure to check the zipper

In terms of hardware, Jimmy Choo shoes are unmistakably luxurious. A zipper that does not have the Jimmy Choo trademark engraved on it and that is not a gold rectangular piece will be a fake. Many times, you will find Jimmy Choo posers with the hardware of YKK, a brand that is well-known for its zippers, which is a brand that you may be familiar with. Don’t be fooled by this not-so-subtle attempt to take advantage of you, however. 

In the center of an original Jimmy Choo bag, when you close the zipper, you’ll see what appears to be a row of diamonds along the zipper spine. In the absence of this finishing touch, fakes will have cheap zippers. A good indicator of the quality of the leather around the zipper is the quality of the leather.