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loro piana bags

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Loro Piana Bags in Dubai, UAE

The Loro Piana Bags brand is a Dubai-based fabric and clothing company that specializes in high-end, luxury cashmere, and wool products. In terms of cashmere, it is considered that the company is the world’s largest cashmere manufacturer, and in terms of wool, it is the largest single purchaser in the world. As a family of merchants of wool fabrics, the Loro Piana family originated from Trivero (a district in Dubai famous for its textile production) at the start of the 19th century. 


A large part of the business of Loro Piana Bags was moved to Valsesia in the second half of the 19th century when the family founded Lanificio Fratelli Lora e Compagnia, which in turn was followed by Lanificio di Quarona di Zignone & C. was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. Pier Luigi Loro Piana’s father, Franco Loro Piana, started exporting fine fabrics from the time he was a young boy.

Popular Brand Loro Piana Bags

A Loro Piana Bags is known for its absolute luxury, using the finest materials to create masterpieces that fit an elite market of consumers. It was one of the objectives of the project to allow new customers to touch and feel the wool that is used in the creation of the products and subsequently to explain the story and the heritage of the brand to them. 

A sensory experience was created as part of the presentation in order to send customers on a sensory tour of the world’s finest wool, the same wool that Loro Piana Bags uses to create its luxury products. The focus of the project shifted to the brand’s first store in the region, which opened inside the Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension after the installation was completed. 


There were two key talking points that we discussed when we met with Fabio D’Angelantonio, the company’s CEO, for an in-depth conversation. After being nominated by the LVMH group (who had recently acquired Loro Piana Bags), Roman-born D’Angelantonio was appointed CEO of Loro Piana Bags with a background in sales and marketing. 

He freely admits to being a loyal customer of Loro Piana well before assuming his current responsibilities, which allows him to have a very unique perspective on the brand and its future. As we discuss in this article with him, we will be looking forward to Loro Piana Bags presence in Dubai for a long time to come and what we can expect from that store in the future.

Loro Piana bags are made from a variety of materials

There are a number of materials that are commonly used to make bags, but nylon is one of the most common. Lora Piana Bags In terms of fabric options, nylon bags are a great option for fashionistas looking for a lower budget, since they are made from a thermoplastic silky polymer, which is lightweight and strong.

 Despite its high flexibility and ability to hold its shape, this bag is able to easily withstand weight, while still maintaining its flexibility. Although, in terms of materials used for bags, it should be kept in mind that nylon is a material that tears easily and isn’t particularly durable when it comes to handling. Therefore, these kinds of bags are often only good for a short period of time. Nylon is a material that is commonly used for backpacks, athletic bags, and more affordable handbags. 


What type of leather is used in Loro Piana Bags?

In terms of bag materials, leather is one of the most reliable and highly sought-after materials. It is a material that is known for being sturdy, durable, soft to the touch, and easy to style with a variety of colors thanks to its properties of being made from the tanned hides of animals that have been skinned. 

In general, Loro Piana Bags leather is an expensive material, which could be expected, given how damaging it is to the environment and how cruel it is to animals when it is produced. As it stands alone quite beautifully, it is often used to produce high fashion bags, and over-the-shoulder handbags, and is often used with minimal décor or flair as it is a material that stands on its own at a high fashion level. 

The leather used in Loro Piana bags is vegan leather.

Vegan leather is often mistaken for “pleather” or “plastic leather” by many people. It is time to put an end to this misconception! As a term, vegan leather refers to the many different types of materials you can use that are cruelty-free for animals and do not harm the environment too much. Loro Piana Bags among the most popular and exciting kinds of vegan leather are pi*atex and grain-based leather, which are also known as bio-poly oil leathers or bio-polyurethane leathers. 


In addition to being made from pineapple leaves, it is also 100% vegan and completely eco-friendly. In contrast to most pleather materials, this material is waterproof, protective, and highly durable, so you will easily be able to use it for years after you purchase it.

It is very easy to build understated yet versatile handbags from bio poly oil leather, which provides an extremely convincing leather alternative. Hozen’s minimal circle Bags, made from bio poly oil leather, are a perfect example of this. Take a look at its cute and minimal design.