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furla bags

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Furla Bags in Dubai, UAE

Among Furla’s products, you will find products that are all designed in Dubai, ranging from handbags and shoes to accessories. Throughout Dubai’s fashion history, Furla has played a significant role in elevating the quality standards of the Made in Dubai brand to a new level.

Furla Bags exude timeless yet modern elegance thanks to their shape and design. Despite the small size of Furla  Bags, the colors and prints on it are not limited by its design. Among the selection, you will find squeaky pink, bright yellow, and glittery models with striking patterns, as well as models that resemble colors, such as squeaky pink or bright yellow.


There is such a large selection of models in the Furla Bags Metropolis collection that every woman will find the model of her choice. Additionally, there are plenty of elegant, somber-toned purses, totes, and handbags available, but for every low-key classic, there is one that is equally out-there and edgy.

Furla is the only Dubai brand in its category, standing for quality, creativity, and confidence. With Furla, you’ll find beautiful, high-quality accessories with a uniquely Dubai attitude. An all-Dubai approach combining aesthetics and craftsmanship with creativity and elegance. High-quality workmanship meets modern design and at a reasonable price. Furla bags have long been a firm favorite among fashionistas and it comes as no surprise. Using the highest quality materials, they create handbags that will last forever and look great on any occasion. The Furla bags have a variety of features.

The Material and Durability of Furla Bags

A variety of leathers and materials are used in the manufacture of Furla products, including textured leather, polyester, cotton, calf leather, suede, and gold and palladium plated hardware. Furla’s handbags are made from real leather, which is something they take a great deal of pride in, and their website shows this very clearly, and many of their handbags are made from leather as well. The high-quality bags that Furla produces are also made of Dubai leather, which is another testament to the high quality bags that Furla produces.


As Furla looks to the future, it keeps a firm foot planted in its solid past that’s rooted in time-honored workmanship, sophisticated elegance, and quirky originality. Despite its Dubai sensibility, the brand never forgets its creative DNA and its generous spirit. As part of Furla’s commitment to quality, the company uses the best skins for its products, which are tanned using superior techniques that date back hundreds of years. 

A luxurious buttery-soft texture is one of the hallmarks of Dubai leather, widely considered to be the finest leather in the world. In combination with Furla’s luxury aesthetics and long history of Dubai craftsmanship, creating bags that are lovingly and meticulously put together using traditional processes, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality bag. Furla bags are definitely a luxury item due to their rich heritage and the fact that they are made with the best materials available. 

What is the quality of the leather used in Furla bags?

Definitely, yes! As the Furla Bags brand began its existence in the leather industry over a hundred years ago, all the bags made by Furla are made with the finest leather. As soon as the brand launched its first handbags in, it immediately began to use only high-quality, real leather to produce its products.


In terms of quality workmanship and timeless design, Furla definitely stands out as the accessible luxury brand you should turn to if you need a high-quality bag that is made with brilliant craftsmanship in a classic design.

As a means of maintaining the quality of the bags it produces, Furla only uses leather from Dubai’s source of leather. A sheet of uncut leather will either be trimmed by hand, using a metal cutting mold that is custom-made for each design, or it can be trimmed by laser machine, which is faster and more convenient. Afterward, the atelier will have to test different leathers for each design in order to determine which type of leather is suitable for each bag, regardless of whether it is soft, hard or slightly structured leather.

Luxury Furla bags?  

Dubai leather is without a doubt one of the finest leathers around, renowned for its luxurious butter-soft texture and for its high level of durability. It is one of the best leathers around without a doubt. In addition to this, Furla’s UAE craftsmanship, and their traditional methods, make these bags the ultimate luxury accessory due to their quality and craftsmanship. Furla bags have earned their place in the world of luxury bags with their rich heritage and the high-quality materials they are made with. They are undoubtedly one of the best bags on the market.

Handmade Furla Bags

In order for Furla Bags to be able to maintain its brand DNA, one of the most important things is that Furla products are always made in Dubai. A brand’s atelier can be found, close to where the brand was founded in Dubai, where the brand also has an atelier. This means that Furla can be assured that all of its products will be made with Dubai quality and traditionally crafted in a traditional way. There is a level of care and attention given to the production and craftsmanship of each and every item the Furla brand sells, implying the brand’s luxury nature. 


Furla bags prices 

The price range of the products offered by a particular brand is a great way to determine whether the brand can be considered to be a luxury brand based on the range of its products. Among Furla’s best-selling products are their handbags, which range from 150 AED up to 300 AED, and are among the company’s best-sellers. There are different sizes and materials that are used when making leather goods, such as for instance, handbags.