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carolina herrera bags

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Carolina Herrera Bags in Dubai, UAE

Carolina Herrera Bags Dubai is a luxury fashion and beauty house that is renowned for its fashion-forward collections, as well as its well-established couture atelier, which is one of the best in the world. There is a very glamorous, sophisticated feel to Caroline Herrera’s style, which can also be seen in her bags which are elegant and intricate because of their elegance and intricacy. 


The white shirts she wore in the early eighties, adorned with bags were the ones that helped make Herrera a pioneer in the development of shoulder pads during that period. It is a reflection of her personal style of chic and luxury.

A combination of superior craftsmanship, effortless sophistication, and a little bit of personality. These bags have been designed and made in the brand’s own Spanish leather atelier and can be trusted to have a durable finish that is designed to last you for years on and off the gym, from early morning gym stops in the morning to late nights out in the night.

Upon completion of this process, Carolina Herrera Bags has developed a collection of vibrantly colored bags, each handcrafted by artisans who are putting their own stamp on them, resulting in a unique collection of bags that are completely unique. As Herrera says herself, it is one’s individuality that makes a woman, in the end, elegant. What matters most is not what one wears, but rather the way one wears it. There is nothing more important than how one wears it.

Carolina Herrera: luxury brand


We are proud to introduce Carolina Herrera Bags in Dubai, our luxury fashion and beauty house renowned for its fashion-forward collections and world-class couture ateliers.

Historically, Carolina Herrera Bags has been regarded as a symbol of quality, luxury, and craftsmanship, which has helped it to amass a legion of devoted (and highly visible) fans over the years. While the brand’s handbags are worn by stylish women across the globe, a huge secret to its success can be traced back to one unique country in particular, Dubai, which is the country that has played a significant role in its success.

The Carolina Herrera Bags Leather Atelier is located there, and the network of artisans is responsible for craftsman craftsmanship for the newly introduced Matryoshka, Andy and Initials Insignia bags. These bags are beloved by a wide cross-section of influencers, including the Duchess of Sussex, Hailey Bieber, Alessandra de Osma, Kate Moss, Beyonce and Amal Clooney, among many others.

Who makes Carolina Herrera bags?

Throughout our CH Carolina Herrera Bags workshops in Dubai, our artisans handcraft all of the leather accessories that are sold in our stores. Each and every one of our designs is infused with a unique character because our suppliers create the leather exclusively for the brand in Dubai and Italy.


A world-renowned designer known for her signature sophistication and quintessential Dubai elegance, Carolina Herrera Bags has become one of the most acclaimed names in the fashion industry. Her designs have won many accolades and high-profile fans around the world.

The best way to clean a Carolina Herrera bag

If you don’t want your bags to be stained at the beginning, ensure that your hands are clean before touching them. If you have applied any beauty products to your bags, such as foundation or hand cream, it is best to avoid handling the bag afterward. If your bag is made of leather, these products contain mineral oils and waxes which will make it look soiled and dirty, especially in the case of leather bags.


The use of saddle soaps, alcohols, varnishes, or cleaners containing ammonia should be avoided on leather, as these agents can be too harsh on the leather and can cause serious damage or discoloration if used. 

Remember to apply a coat of leather conditioner or protector to your leather bags before storing them to ensure they maintain their original shine and softness for a long period of time. If you plan on using leather creams or conditioners, please never use Lanoline leather products ever. It is impossible to restore leather using lanolin oil since it rots the leather and makes restoring it very difficult.

Carolina Herrera bags are handmade, right?

Handcrafted leather goods are made from the finest leather. In order to make her mark on the fashion world, Carolina Herrera Bags created a collection of handbags called the Forever collection. This collection is characterized by a bold snakehead closure that has become one of the key elements of the collection as far as design is concerned. 

 As soon as they have dried, they are applied to the snakehead itself, where they are allowed to dry to a glassy finish. These Carolina Herrera bags are usually made from precious stones such as lapis lazuli, malachite, and rose quartz, and the eyes are usually attached by hand before being stitched to the bag, which is how it is traditionally made.